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Rotary Club of Bendigo

Every Tuesday 12:30pm for 1pm

Bendigo Club
22 Park St, Bendigo VIC 3552

All visitors welcome, please contact us.


Ruth Hosking on Nursing Home Placements

June 20

Guest speaker Ruth Hosking, a former Victorian Aged Services volunteer of the year, will speak on Nurshing Home Placements and Admissions.


Bending Community Bank

June 27

Guest speaker Robert Musgrove, of Bendigo Community Bank, will discuss the workings and successes of a banking program that puts Bendigo on the map right across the country.

Since joining Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in 1987, Robert has held a wide and varied range of positions across the Group, from Customer Service Officer to playing a pivotal role in the development and expansion of the Community Bank® model.

From 2006 Robert managed key innovative partnerships for the Bank before moving into the role of Head of Group Strategy in 2009. Robert joined the Bank’s executive team in 2013.


Au Revoir Bendigo

July 4

On the verge of heading back home to France, Laure Dumoulin will be our guest of honour for her last official RC Bendigo luncheon meeting.

Laure has grown before our eyes over this past year and her travels around our area, and around Australia, have seen her grow in cofidence and this will be on show as she rounds out her year with us and her plans for the future.