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Martin Taurins

July 31

Martin Taurins, Chair of the Rotarian Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

Our Guest Speaker on July 31st is Martin Taurins, Chair of the Rotarian Action Group of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness  and member Rotary Club of Gisborne, Victoria, Australia.

When Martin’s son Jacob, a budding musician, was diagnosed at age 20 with multiple sclerosis (MS), he didn’t know anything about the disease. Jacob held college degrees in arts, business and music.

All that changed when he became one of 2.5 million people worldwide diagnosed with this neurological condition in which the body’s immune system inexplicably turns on itself, attacking the protective sheaths that surround nerve fibers. Depending on type of MS, symptoms range from tingling or numbness, visual impairment, mobility restrictions, loss of coordination, independence and eventually paralysis can set in becoming wheelchair bound..

Common in adults age 20-40, seen more among women than men 3 to 1 ratio. MS as yet has no cure, but Martin and family wanted to take action. They felt frustrated that no one could tell them what caused MS and what plans there were to find a cure. They now realise how complex the disease is.



Saturday, June 24

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