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Rotarian Profile - Tabitha Abbott 2016


Movie: I would probably say 'What's up Doc?', all time favourite 1970's slapstick comedy with Barbara Streisand & Ryan O'Neal, hilarious!!

Actor/Actress: No real one favourite, but I do enjoy a good bit of eye candy, like Kit Harrington... 

Sporting Idol: Lleyton Hewitt, love watching him play, great Aussie, all round nice bloke. 

Sporting Team: Australian Olympics team of course!!

Saying: No one died, everything can be fixed!

Holiday Destination: Jordan, Middle East, take me to the Arab lands. 

Partners Birthday: 27th September

1st Job: Unpaid job - Story teller on Bendigo Community radio 1990, first paid job - Newsreader, Triple C FM, 1997. 

Have you had a Rotary moment?: Not yet... 


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