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Rotarian Profile - Tilika De Zilv 2016

Name: Tilaka De-Zilva.   Tilaka means good fortune & happiness.

Family status (optional): Thoroughly married.

Joined Rotary in: 2016, as a friend of mine knew I was doing voluntary work.

Enjoys Rotary because: it is all over the place and it was suggested I consolidate my efforts into a worthy cause.

Barracks for: Sorry, I have not been able to grasp the technicalities of the Aussie Rules, but love watching the game for its swift and lithe movement of the youthful physiques.  I do cheer on the cricketers and rugby players.

Favourite relaxation: Reading, cooking, walking, travelling and live performances of: plays, concerts, ballet, music and singing.

Hobbies: cooking, singing, collecting all nice things and meeting people.

Pets: A dog (Labrador), wild birds who I feed and they bathe in the garden and make wonderful bird songs.

Drive in life: tocare, love and lead a peaceful life that we can hand down to the next generation.

Siblings: I am one of seven.  They all helped me in having a well-rounded rollicking childhood.

Favourite author:  contemporary: Clive James, Ancient Poetry of Hafiz, Oscar Wilde & Paulo Coelho.

Favourite TV show/s:  Prime suspect, Silent witness, British detective series.

Last movie: Finding Dory

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