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Rotarian Profile - Glen Muhlnickel 2016

Name:  Glen Muhlnickel

Family status (optional): Married with Children

Joined Rotary in: 2015

Enjoys Rotary because it provides me an opportunity to contribute back to local community groups and provides opportunities to broaden my networks in Bendigo given I have recently re-located to town

Barracks for: Essendon Football Club

Favourite relaxation: Spending time camping with the family

Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Hunting and Camping

Pets: Nil at this stage. No even a goldfish!!

Drives: Ford Ranger

Siblings: 4 brothers - 3 older 1 younger.

Favourite author: Never been a book worm so nothing to add here!

Favourite TV show/s: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead

Last movie: Star Wars

Passing the time as Business Banking Manager for NAB


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