People with a purpose

Have you changed your hair colour lately?

Have your details changed since we last spoke? 

Maybe you have a new email address or changed your mobie phone number? 


But how do I do that? I hear you ask.. 

Firstly, you need to log in to our Rotary Club of Bendigo website.

Do you have a log in? Does it work? Have you forgotten... 

NEVER FEAR! A solution to your problem is not far away. 

For whatever reason you may keep to yourself, if you are having difficulties accessing our website, please email

and without too much delay, you will be logged in ready to check your details. 


Secondly, once you have logged in succesfully, you need to click on Update My Profile - check all your details, and if they are a tad bit misleading or you would like to add a more recent photo than your high school class of '79, just alter or upload and then click the 'update my details' box at the bottom. 

Phew ! That's done, and we can all use the website to keep all details up to date & remove that rather-be-forgotten-about photo.





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