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Libby Hughes & Sushil's Rotary moment









We talk a lot about what was our Rotary Moment ?

Mine happened when I saw a picture of Sushil .

Julie was visiting a Hill Village with her brother inspecting a water tank  as part of The Rotary Club of Bendigo Water Tank Project.

She noticed a little boy not joining in with the other children and asked about him

He had not been able to hear since he was about 6 months old.

She showed the Craft Group pictures of the journey of our mittens and beanies we had knitted for the Leprosy Clinic in Nepal , amongst them was a picture of Sushil.


Through Rotary Julie had been invited to Rotary Kathmandu MidTown  for their 25th Celebrations. There were many dignitaries there . Julie was sat next to a Nurse who co-ordinated visiting international surgeons who helped in the Kathmandu hospitals.

 Julie contacted this Nurse and as it happened the next surgeons to visit were ENT specialists

who agreed to assess Sushil and see if they could help him.


Much organisation was done with the help of Ani Demchong and the Namgyal Rinpche Foundation to get Sushil from his hill village into Kathmandu to meet the ENT surgeons.

The assessment was very disappointing, they found he was profoundly deaf as a result of infantile meninigtis. His only hope was a Cochlear Ear Implant, but that was very expensive.

What would be the outcome if the  Implant was possible:- 100% hearing!!! Optimally if it was done before he was 5yrs he would have a greater chance of complete hearing--- he was 3.5 yrs. So the quest began!! We needed to raise $20,000.  Through many fantastic people,

Rotary Club of Bendigo , Inner Wheel, Ausnep Foundation , the Foundation in Nepal , the surgeons in Kathmandu and private benefactors , the money was raised.

With the help of Ani Demchong and the Foundation, Sushil and his  father did many trips to Kathmandu for assessments to see if the operation would be beneficial to Sushil. It was decided he was a bright boy , very inquisitive and eager to learn.

The implant was ordered from Austria and in January he had the operation. After a period of recovery ,the implant was switched on! Sushil could hear sound !!

So now began the process of learning what the sounds were and how to speak.

There came a big problem, Sushil's dad had to go back to the village and work their plot of land and feed the family. If Sushil went back with his dad, all would have been for nothing. The Speech Therapy was vitally important. With much discussion with the Foundation it was decided that Sushil would live at the foundation , have his speech therapy and go home at the weekends.

Sushil is enrolled in the a Boarding School where he has an assistant who helps with his learning and takes him to the Speech Therapist.

The scarves and goods from Seven Women of Nepal that we are selling are raising funds for Sushil's board & lodgings and Speech Therapy and schooling. We are looking at $60/month for 2 years. We are trying to raise $2000 ,$1200 has just gone to the foundation into Sushil's account.

Through Rotary we have changed the future for a little boy in a hill village in Nepal!!

Who knows what he will do with his life, but now he can hear birds sing , dogs bark and people laugh.


Libby Hughes



Here are latest photos from Nepal. The Foundation remote village coordinator is making a video of Sushil for us next week.

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