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Author's Name: Libby Hughes
Date: Tue 30 Oct 2018

Hughes's News October 23th

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It was such a pleasure to discover parts of Bendigo hidden away in plain sight! We had lunch and a wander around at Peppergreen Farm in Thunder St Bendigo. It was amazing all the activities that went on there helping the disabled to train, work and interact with the general community.

The Farm was originally set up on the Chinese Market Garden site that provided Fruit & Veg for the community during the Gold Rush days. They grow lots of veggies and fruit that is for sale in the Market shop as well as supplying local restaurants. A great story was of 2 boys from Kalianna school who came each day on their pushbikes, loaded up their trolleys with micro herbs, delivered them to Mason’s and Rocs on Rosalind and returned with their trolleys full of  vegetable waste to go in the compost at the farm. They had a restaurant and do catering for Bendigo businesses. All the while teaching and training. It was a delightful place, well worth another visit. Well done to Peter Hyett for organising the visit.

Bendigo Cup car parking is coming up on the 31st Oct. Greg Galloway is still looking for helpers.

Nov 1st is the screening of Bohemian Rhapsody the movie about Queen. Julie Sloan has tickets $20


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