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Author's Name: Libby Hughes
Date: Tue 17 Jul 2018

Hughes's News July 17th

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Hughes's News  |  17 July 2018

A big event is happening in Bendigo this weekend. The Australian Sheep and Wool Show. Ross McGauchie, President of the Show brought us up to date with the growth of the size of the Show and the growth in the prestige of the Show. There are lots of sheep arriving from all over Australia for weekend judging and showing. Some from Tasmania came with their own bags of feed (individually named) and a demand for a grass carpet in their pens!! As a club we have been given the opportunity to act as Assistant Wardens over the weekend. It is a great fundraiser for our club. Many thanks to Tom Dobeli for all his hard work. Tom is still looking for volunteers for Friday afternoon 12.30-5pm. Please get in touch with Tom if you can help.

We have had an invitation to Science & Engineering Lunch on July20th 12pm-1pm at Girton Grammar Stadium. If you would like to go please give me a ring.

Member News - Both Margaret & Bruce are doing well, both are still at St John of God. Frank is back from his overseas trip, but is suffering from a heavy cold so is staying out of everyone’s way until he is better.

Pol arrived from Barcelona Spain on Monday night. He was suffering from jet lag so didn’t make it to the Club meeting, but we will be able to welcome him on Tuesday.

Next week we will welcome David Huxtable from Basketball Victoria to talk about the future of Basketball in Victoria.

Don’t forget the night meeting on 31st July and get your Form3 back to Tom Dobeli.


President Libby

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