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Author's Name: Libby Hughes
Date: Tue 21 Aug 2018

Hughes's News August 21st

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Hughes's News  |  21 August 2018

Gosh don’t we take things for granted! Most of us have two toilets in the house and we expect public toilets to be clean and hygienic. Today we heard from Mark Balla, a member from Box Hill Central Rotary Club. What an inspiring speaker, who informed us that millions of Indians in India don’t have access to toilets. We heard from Mark that lots of schools don’t have toilets for teachers and students, they have to use the bushes & trees outside. This leads to teenage girls dropping out of schooling because of the absence of toilets. They don’t drink water during the day so they don’t need to go and hang on until they get home. Mark was inspired to start the charity  “We cant wait”, he joined Rotary 4 years ago and working with Rotary Clubs and Rotary Grants, he is changing the lives of teenage girls in India, and boys and teachers! I urge everyone to watch the TED lecture Mark gave www.GOO.GL/Q5pxXz it is very inspirational. Highly prestigious to be asked to give a TED lecture. I really hope we can help in some way.

Parma for a Farmer night is happening on Friday 31st August. Bendigo Club will donate $1 for every Parma they sell. If you don’t want a Parma, you can donate some money and they will match $1 for $1. We will have a raffle and a bit of trivia and all money raised will go to Farmers in NSW. Please let Lin or myself know you are coming if you haven’t already. It will be a Bistro style where you order and be given a table number in our big room. Bring your families and come & go as you can.

Next Tuesday there is no lunchtime meeting , we are having a Vocational evening at TAFE Charleston Road ( use Lansell St for entry) then dinner at the Rising Sun Hotel. Please let Peter or Bob numbers for the Rising Sun or get in touch with them if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to vote for Bendigo Youth Choir’s project Bridges in Song. Refer to the information below and link to the voting site.


President Libby

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