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Broadly Speaking 19 June 2018

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And, so the end is here.......and this will be my last report to the Fossicker.


Our meeting on Tuesday, 19th June, was full and interesting.   We welcomed

Candice Cordy from the Wool and Sheep Show – one of the events which

we are happy to support each year – and which we will be supporting again this year.

Although we help out in many ways, Candice has not really met any of our Rotarians and today was a good way to get to know us.

She was introduced by Peter Hyett and  told us about Landmark, the area in which she is involved. 



I was particularly impressed by the wonderful work done by the volunteers at Camp Getaway, resulting in superb, up-dated kitchen facilities.    At the Opening earlier this year, plans were outlined for future upgrades and, today, it was my great privilege to give Wayne Smith a donation for $2,000 to assist with this work.    Along with several other members of our Club, Wayne has been a stalwart of this project.


I also received a cheque for $1,000 which is a donation to the Bendigo Youth Choir to provide a scholarship fora young chorister whose family would have difficulty in paying the minimal subscription fees.   There are several familites in this situation and the money has already been expended to help them.   Thank you to the Rotary Club of Bendigo for this invaluable contribution.


Our guest speaker this week was our Exchange Student, Laura Zeuner from Germany.   It has been our great privilege to host her for the past 12 months and to watch her grow and develop confidence.   Laura was quite shy when she arrived and, although she had a good grasp of English, it was not always easy for us to understand what she was saying.    The improvement in this area was marked as she addressed us yesterday – evoking some laughter as she related her experiences.

As with all our Exchange Students she leaves us with mixed feelings, but in the full knowledge that now she has two families – one in Germany and the other here in Bendigo, Australia.   We gave her two Club banners and gifts, including a beautiful wall rug which was made and presented by Rosalie Vanstan.   Rosalie is a fine  quilter and each of our exchange students has been lucky to take the gift of her work with them when they leave us.


Go well Laura – our love and best wishes go with as you return home. 


We welcome our new exchange student, Pol Gascon from Barcelona, Spain, next month. 


Alida Robinson spoke to us about the establishment of a 'think tank committee' to investigate ways in which our club may be able to help further with the project, Fork in the Road.    If this is something which appeals to you, please contact Alida – you will be welcomed most warmly.




My final word for the week is ' Individuality' – (or, it has another meaning, 'peculiarity').   It means  'the quality or character of a particular person that distinguishes them from others of the same kind – especially when strongly marked'.


I used it to describe myself as your President during the past 12 months.  I am definitely 'an individual'.   I thank you so much for your participation and patience.    You have all worked so hard and the excellent result is a tribute to each of you.    It was my great pleasure to get to know you better and to work alongside you.




Calendar of Events


Sunday, 24th June -  OUR CHANGEOVER – at Silk's, Bendigo Racecourse.  12.00 noon for 12.30.      We have a good roll up  and an excellent venue – and Libby and I look forward to welcoming you.



Tuesday, 26th June  - No meeting today.


Tuesday, 3rd July -  We will meet at the Bendigo Club at 12.30 for 1.00, with Libby in the Chair as President.      See you there.





'May the road rise up to meet you;  may the wind be always at your back;  may the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields – and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand'.    






President Valerie.  

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