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Broadly Speaking 12 June 2018

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Well – for 12 months I have been leaving you with the beautiful Irish Blessing commencing with 'May the sun shine warmly on your face........' and last week

one of our Rotarians – a farmer – requested me to change it because it was working too well.  So, for last week only, I changed the words to 'May the rain fall softly

on your face.........' and lo and behold it worked!    We held our last meeting on a cold, WET day, in the warmth of the Bendigo Club.


We welcomed one visitor and hope he will come back again, together with two interesting guest speakers in Rod Case and Hearing Specialist Dirk de Moore.


Last week I told you about a project in which several of our lady Rotarians are very interested – Fork in the Road.   We went down to the Beck Legal Chambers, now occupied by Bendigo Community Health, to view the space and learn more about the project, following which I invited Rod Case to speak to members to advise them of the exciting plans for this project.  Today, Rod gave an outline of aspirations held.   BCH has been given a free 3-year tenancy of the space where it is hoped to establish Fork in the Road – and where they are currently providing a soup kitchen every Thursday – and so they have three years to prove whether or not this project will be successful.  It can only succeed if they receive support from the community.   It is too late in my year for me to introduce this as a new project, but I was able to give it a good kick start and gave Rod a cheque for $4,028.20 to cover the cost of tables and chairs for the soup kitchen.   Libby Hughes will run with the program during her year as President and introduce a 'Fork in the Road' committee which will be headed by Alida Robinson and we will work closely with BCH to establish if/ how we can help further.


Did you know that a blue whale's hearing is so acute that it can communicate with another blue whale over a distance of 1,600 km?   This was an interesting fact which Dirk de Moore told us.  Dirk is a clinical audiologist – a health professional who works with hearing impaired adults and children.   He has a Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree, a Graduate Diploma in Audiology and a Masters in Business Administration, all from Melbourne University, which makes him eminently qualified to speak on the subject of hearing loss.


After working for 10 years in the Commonwealth Government, he moved to Bendigo in 1994 to take up the senior audiologist position at the Bendigo Hospital and to commence a private practice.  He lives in Eaglehawk in an 1865 heritage listed property.   He is married to Liz and has one beautiful 23 years old daughter.


Dirk had a captive audience as most of the people to whom he was speaking have had a hearing problem and several have consulted him, two Rotarians giving him high praise for giving them the means with which to hear.   Deafness causes a person to be isolated which has a direct effect on their health and self esteem and modern hearing aids can alleviate the problem.   Supported by graphic photographs, it was a most interesting and informative address which elicited many questions.

Thank you Dirk.


A reminder that our Changeover Luncheon will be held on Sunday, 24th June, at Silks, Bendigo Racecourse, 12 noon for 12.30.    You will have received your invitation – please respond to Wayne Smith.   Together with Libby, I am looking

forward to welcoming you.


The word of the week is – aestivation – which is almost the opposite of hibernation, except that it doesn't relate to animals, but to insects, fish and amphibians.  It means

prolonged topor or dormancy during a hot, dry season.  As with many words, it also has another, quite different meaning.   It is the arrangement of sepals and petals in a flower bud before it opens.


And our inspirational thought is:   Your mind is a garden.   

                                                       Your thoughts are the seeds.

                                                        You can grow flowers, or

                                                        You can grow weeds.

Calendar of Events:


Well we have reached the end of the year, and together with our Exchange Student, Laura Zeuner, next week - 19th June, will be our last time with you.    Laura returns to Germany and I go to the back bench.


Tuesday, 19th June  -   Our Guest Speaker will be Laura who will tell us all about her

12 months in Australia.    Chairman will be Joy Bruce, Chair of the Youth Committee,  and Sergeant will be Tabitha Abbott.


Sunday, 24th June -  Changeover  - 12 noon for 12.30 – Silks at the Bendigo Racecourse.


Tuesday, 26th June.     NO MEETING TODAY.


Tuesday, 3rd July – beginning of our new Rotary year with President Libby Hughes in the Chair.    Don't miss it!


Until next week - ' May the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back.'


President Valerie.   

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