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Broadly Speaking... 22 May 2018

MERAVIGLIOSO,  STUPENDO!    These words sum up our Italian Night meeting held on Tuesday at the Bendigo Club.  71 happy Rotarians and partners joined in celebrating all things Italian and the buzz in the room was almost palpable as the decibel level rose.

As we arrived, we were greeted with a Welcome drink to get the night going.

We were delighted to welcome District Governor Peter Frueh and Anne to our party and were joined by members of the Rotary Club of Bendigo Strathdale.


Our Host for the night was the fantastico Rod McDonald who guided us through in inimitable style.   Dressed appropriately with an Italian hat and sporting a pencil thin moustache, he was every inch the Italian gentleman and he even opened proceedings in Italian.   Bravo Rod – sterling effort.

Under the supervision of our much valued member Dominic Coia, the room was beautifully decorated in Italian colours of green, white and red, with apples in the centre of each table proudly bearing small Australian and Italian flags, whilst in the background Italian music was playing.   A truly wonderful atmosphere.

As we were leaving,  Tom Dobeli put on a favourite song and we all left singing.

And – our repast!!!  What a delight.  With thanks to Dominic and his lovely wife, Heike, the food was delicious.  Just to make those who were not there wish they had been  – here is the menu.


Platters of Antipasto featuring a variety of cheeses, vegetables, salami, prosciutto, ham and marinated vegetables, served with crusty bread.

Spaghetti with plain tomato sauce cooked with Polpettes (beef and pork meatballs) served wih pasta, and green leaf salad.   Or – for vegetarians

Farfalla Pasta with Mushroom and Cheese Sauce.

Dessert was Walnut Ricotta Cake or Tiramisu  - with cream - , alternate drop.

There were many requests for recipes of these delicious offerings (see later in Fossicker).  Thank you Heike.

Dominic explained which foods and wines came from which area and how the soil had an effect on the flavour.  He also told us that the literal meaning of 'antipasto' is 'to prepare the stomach for food'.    It was a very informative incursion into the culture of Italy.   Thank you Dominic. 

Sincere thanks to all who organised this wonderful night of fellowship and fun and congratulations to the Chef and staff at the Bendigo Club – they really outdid themselves and we are very grateful.

We are truly thankful that our our new blinds are erected and they look very elegant.

The colour blends perfectly with the walls.


The Bendigo Competitions Society Inc. is holding its 93rd Annual Eisteddfod this year.

The eisteddfod runs for 10 weeks annually and covers 13 disciplines, providing more than 2,500 performances by young artists from all over Australia.   There are only 7 committee members who organise this annual event, assisted by volunteers who act as Scribes, Ticket Sellers, Announcers, Backstage organisers, Booking-in personnel and Canteen workers.  The aim is to support the many aspiring artists in their pursuit of excellence in a range of performance arts in music and dance.

I, personally, can attest to the value of this eisteddfod.   It is where I gained my performance experience and I am deeply grateful that this platform was available – without it, I would not have had the opportunity to hone my skills.   Unless the Society can gain more committee members and more volunteers, it is a very real possibility that it will have to be reduced – or worst case scenario cease to function.  This is not an exaggeration.  There are many competitions throughout Australia which no longer exist.

The work is not onerous.   Please if you have some time on your hands, consider volunteering your service to this extremely worthwhile organisation.   You will not only be helping the Society to exist and young artists to develop their potential – you will have a thoroughly good time and see some wonderful performances.    Please

contact me for further information or apply to Carol Maunder, Volunteer Co-ordinator, telephone 5446 7911 – eMail: 



Calendar of Events:

29th May -   Our Guest Speaker will be John Jones who will tell us about the Imagination Library – a wonderful program helping children aged from 0 – 5 years gain literacy skills.   Chairman will be Joy Bruce.

5th June – the speaker today will be Yvonne Moon from RoChan.  

12th June -   Dirk De Moore, well known Hearing Specialist will be our speaker introduced by Chairman, Graeme Clarke.

19th June – and this will be my last meeting as your President – we will hear from our lovely young exchange student Laura who will tell us about her 12 month's Aussie adventure.    She returns home soon after.

Sunday, 24th June – Please mark in your diaries.   This is our Changeover.  To be held at Silks, Bendigo Racecourse at 12 noon for 12.30.

Tuesday, 26th June -  NO LUNCHTIME MEETING TODAY.   

And so ends a most amazing year.   It was my great privilege to have been your President for the past 12 months.   It was a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know each of you better, to work alongside you and steer this great club of ours forward to bigger and greater things.  I felt myself grow in so many ways.    Thank you all for your support and encouragement.   I hand over the reins to Libby with my very best wishes and total support.


Until next week – 'may the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back'. 


 President Valerie. 

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