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Broadly Speaking 08 May 2018

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Our meeting today was one of pleasant happenings.   A very convivial group of people, an unexpected visitor and the opportunity to distribute some of the funds which our Club has earned during the year.


We welcomed Guest Speaker, Andrew Cairns, CEO Community Sector Banking, no stranger to our club, Luke Harris and his mother Anne, and Theresa Jones of Relay for Life.  And – as we were leaving a gentleman with a very broad Scottish accent came into the room and told me he was John McGeary from the Rotary Club of Motherwell & Wishaw in Scotland.   He knew we were meeting but didn't want to disturb us. A great pity.  Several members had a short conversation with this visitor to our shores and we would have welcomed him to our meeting.   Unfortunately he leaves Australia on Friday and so will not be able to attend next Tuesday. 


Our Chairman for the day, Kim, was called away to pick up a sick child from school and so Peter Reading introduced Andrew.


Many of us know Andrew as he is a former member of our Club and his presentation focused on 'The not--for-profits in Australia – the challenges and opportunities'.    He believes not-for profits- are at the heart of a healthy society;   they create the social fabric of our communities and ensure our wellbeing. 


With an extensive career spanning a variety of industries from manufacturing and the service industry to telecommunications, including 15 years within the Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Group – whilst surprisingly being an Electrical Engineer – Andrew believes that business can and should be a force for good.   He is actively engaged in the not-for-profit and community sectors and is Director of Haven Home, Safe, which provides not only critical shelter, but social, physical and mental support to those in need, and serves as Chair of Western Water, a life essential service for communities.


The figures he quoted were staggering and it is interesting to note that 40% of each donated dollar comes from Melbourne CBD whilst 37% is contributed from the Sydney CBD.    He left us with a word of the day – resilience – which I always refer to as 'stickability' – and we all need that.       Thank you Andrew.


We then called Tom Dobeli, together with Theresa Jones, to the microphone and Tom presented Theresa with a donation of $500 towards Relay for Life.   


Joy Bruce then introduced Luke Harris, a young student from Catherine McCauley College, Bendigo, who has just been accepted to attend the Singapore Science Summer Camp in July.   Luke had attended our Rotary NYSC and spoke to us earlier this year.   He is passionately interested in Science and it gave me great pleasure to present him with a cheque for $1,000 to assist him to travel to Singapore.    There is no doubt that Rotary changes the lives of our young people and assists them with opportunities to grow and develop their potential.


Wayne Smith was Sergeant for the day and we had a most interesting quiz on 'happenings on 8th May' – run completely without rules, but all in good fun.

He also presented us with another word of the day  ocellate– having eye-like markings, as in peacock feathers.


Andrew and Heather Hampton hosted us at their beautiful property in Sutton Grange for a fellowship day on Sunday, 6th May.  Billed as a 'bar-b-que', we were plied with delicious food superbly cooked and presented and about 22 members and partners had a truly relaxing, happy time together – blessed by beautiful sunshine.   Thank you so much Andrew and Heather and all those who contributed to the day. Our gratitude is also extended to Daryl Watts for organising the event.  


On Monday night, I chaired the last Board Meeting for my year as your President.    The past twelve months have  passed so quickly.   It has been a great honour to have been your leader and I thank you for your faith and trust.  

The Rotary Club of Bendigo is a wonderful club and it is a privilege and pleasure to be a member and serve alongside each of you.


Our next Board Meeting in June will be a combined Board Meeting when the outgoing board and the incoming board meet together to plan the next year's activities under the leadership of PE Libby Hughes.   





My word of the week in a plethora of 'words' is – flagrant – meaning glaring, obvious, conspicuous.



For all leaders in any field of endeavour the inspirational saying this week is:

A leader takes people where they want to go.

A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.

Rosalynn Carter





Calendar of Events:


15th May -  PARTNERS WELCOME.  Our guest speaker this week will be Donna Aranyi who is Philanthropy Executive – Major Gifts, The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.   She will be accompanied by Maree and Xavier Pearce who have quite a story to tell.   Some of you will know Maree – and a very warm invitation is extended to all wives and partners who would like to attend this meeting.   Valerie Broad is Chair and Sergeant is Larrie Winzar.  


22nd May -   OUR ITALIAN NIGHT.   A night of fun, fellowship, festivity, fine food and friendship.   Come and sample some Italian cuisine.   We will have our Distrit Governor, Peter Frueh and his lovely wife Anne, as our guests.    C'i vediamo li.


29th May -  TBA





Until next Tuesday - ' may the sun shine warm upon your face and wind be always at your back'.








President Valerie.

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