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Broadly Speaking 27 February 2018

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Sunday, 25th February, marked the 25th and last of the Great Penna Breakfasts.

It was a well-attended, very happy fellowship morning when we all shared in a feast, including pancakes!    For 25 years Barry and Carol have risen at 6.15 am to

prepare the breakfast for their guests.   Intended to be a fellowship occasion, it has also been an opportunity to raise funds for our coffers.   In the last couple of years, Frank Lean has organised a raffle which was won this year by Ian Monotti.

We presented Barry and Carol with an engraved silver tray and an orchid to express our thanks and appreciation.  Thank you both – and we hope that you enjoy your sleep in next year.


We warmly welcomed several partners to this meeting when our Guest Speaker was introduced by Chairman, Peter Hyett.  Farokh Irani, well known eye specialist who specialises in common eye problems, had the rapt attention of all as he presented a very informative and graphic understanding of eye problems to which we can all relate – and the treatment for them.  We were shown videos of cataract operations, both in the past and now.  Dr. Irani is well qualified to speak about this.  He graduated from the University of Melbourne with Honours in Medicine and Surgery.  After working as a junior hospital doctor, he embarked on his ophthalmology training at the Sydney Eye Hospital at the University of Sydney. He spent several years overseas  and most of this time he was at the world renowned Morfields Eye Hospital in London with other times in the USA and Israel.  He currently lives in Bendigo with his wife and two children and conducts a Private Practice.  


One of our most innovative fund-raisers is our annual Night Golf when players use illuminated golf balls to play.   All funds go towards our Cleft Palate Project and the entry fee from each team completely pays for one child's operation.    Friday, March 16th is the date and if you are interested in supporting this great fun event, please see Glenn Reilly.


Glenn also announced that the Club will be trialling a new way of purchasing lunch at our weekly meetings.  Starting next week, you will pay $5 to attend the meeting and then proceed to the bar to order your lunch from a set menu.  You will pay for it yourself.  You will be given a coloured ticket to enable staff know what you have ordered.   Special tickets will be prepared for our guests.   At the end of March we will be interested to have your feedback regarding this new system.    


Plans for our first Rotary Autumn Market are progressing well.   It will be held at the Bendigo South East College grounds on Sunday, 22nd April, commencing at 10.00 am.

Our representative is Libby Hughes and Lyn Comer is the representative for the Rotary Club of Bendigo Strathdale.   Please make sure to support this new initiative.


Word of the week is acyrologia – meaning inappropriate use of words;   using words which sound the same but have different meanings.

And I will share this week's inspirational saying – 'If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours'.


Birthday greetings  to Des Samson – now OBE.  Congratulations Des – and advance greetings to Barry Penna who will be entitled to his OBE on 7th March.  




Calendar of Events:


6th March - The Madison – with Chairman, Des Samson.  Speakers are Warren Sinnott, Chairman Bendigo International Madison Committee, Scott McGrory, Gold Medalist 2000 Olympic Games Madison and Ashin Birkhart, Inernational Cyclist from Germany Madison Competitions.  We will also celebrate International Womens Day – with an invitiation to all of our lady Rotarians and wives and partners of our male members.   Glen Muhinickel is Sergeant


13th March -   David Hyett – son of our member Peter Hyett, David will speak on 'International Tunnels'.  Peter Hyett will be Chairman and Glen Muhinickel is Sergeant.


20th March – A life talk from our member, Greg Galloway.     Sergeant is Julie Sloan


27th March  - Our Guest Speaker is Doug Lougoon who will give us an Easter Parade Update.   Chairman is Brian Doherty and Sergeant, Julie Sloan


3rd April – OUR 50TH ROTARY EASTER ART SHOW – We will meet at the Bendigo Town Hall.


 Until next week, - 'May the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back'.

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