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Broadly Speaking 20 February 2018

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What a meeting we had on Tuesday, 20th February.  


It was a wonderful 'give and take' occasion, when we were presented with a cheque for $3,900 from Ian Doak for our share of the proceeds from the Swap Meet and we gave the proceeds from our Carols by Candlelight presentation to Uniting Kangaroo Flat.   Max Blume and Casey O'Brien came along to receive the cheque for $3,500 and they were overwhelmed.  It is a very warm and satisfying feeling for us all to see the reaction when needy groups are assisted. We were assured that the money will be put to good use helping less fortunate families in our community.

We cannot run the Carols without the assistance of generous sponsors and we acknowledged those who were able to accept our invitation to lunch with a Certificate of Appreciation.     Certificates were received by our major sponsor, Telstra Bendigo, represented by Marcus Swinburne;  City of Greater Bendigo, represented by Deb Simpson, Co-Ordinator, Strong Communities;  David and Lynette Wilkinson and Family who have provided lighting for many years and Rosalie Rogers, representing the Bendigo Youth Choir which has supported the Carols for over 30 years.   All indicated their continued willingness to be involved with the Rotary Club of Bendigo to produce this much loved community event.   Certificates will be delivered to those sponsors who were unable to accept our invitation to lunch.   Thanks to Peter Reading for preparing the Certificates and Leanne Oberin for sending out letters of thanks to all who were involved.   Congratulations to Colin Nankervis and all members of the Carols Committee.  


Our guest speaker was Jacob Pearson who reported on his participation in RYLA.

This is a wonderful program which prepares young people for leadership roles with coaching in self-knowledge.   Jacob brought along two friends who had also been involved – Luke Harris and Laine Graham – and they spoke fluently about their experience and the effect it had on their lives.   The program focuses on preparing young people as leaders of the future and if you know of anyone who would be interested please contact Joy Bruce, our Youth Services Director, who will able to give you more information.    Thank you Jacob, Luke and Laine.  We know Jacob had much more which he would like to share and hope that he will return to speak to us again.    


THE 25TH AND LAST GREAT PENNA BREAKFAST.   You will always regret it if you miss this one.    This coming Sunday, 25th February commencing at 7.30 am at No. 1 Maxwell Crescent, Bendigo.   Adults - $10:  Children free.  Fabulous food;  scintillating conversation (yes – even at that early hour!);  a wonderful family event.   Everyone is invited and will be warmly welcomed.  


INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY will be celebrated on 8th March. To mark the occasion I extend a warm welcome to all the wives and partners of our male members to come to our meeting on Tuesday, 6th March to join with our female Rotarians.   This day commemorates the movement for Womens' Rights and what it has achieved.   


Please mark Sunday, 22nd April at 10.00 am – 4.00 pm in your diaries.   This will be our Rotary Market.   The RC of Bendigo Strathdale has joined forces with us and plans are well underway.    Thanks to wonderful co-operation and support, the grounds of Bendigo South East College is our venue.    Flyers will be distributed shortly, but if you know of anyone who would like a stall on that day please direct them to Libby Hughes or Lyn Comer who will be delighted to assist them.   If you would like to help please contact me, Libby or Wayne Smith.


Word of the week is Halcyon – meaning quiet, gentle and calm – and can't we all do with some of that in our hectic, busy lives?  




Calendar of events:


25th February – the Great Penna Breakfast.


27th February is a night meeting 6.00 – 6.30 at the Bendigo Club.  Guest Speaker is  well known Ophthalmologist Dr. Farokh Irani who specialises in surgery and diseases of the eye.   Chairman is Peter Hyett and Sergeant Greg Galloway.

Partners Night.


6th March – The Madison – with Des Sampson and Glen Muhinickel as Sergeant.

Also International Women's Day.   All of our ladies are invited to join us.



Please check our Webpage for information regarding all Rotary Club of Bendigo events.


Also – there is a white board at all of our meeting showing forthcoming commitments.    You are welcome to add any additional RC of Bendigo events which will be of interest to our members.  


Until next week – 'may the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back.





President Valerie.   

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