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Broadly Speaking 24 October 2017

Growing up in Bullengarook, being known as 'the girl who plays with the boys', who would have thought that could lead to one little girl making history when she

was drafted to the Collingwood Football Club in the first season of the AFL W

Season?   However, that is what Emma Grant has done and she shared her story with members of our Club at our meeting on Tuesday.  After finishing high school, she lived and travelled overseas through Canada, Europe and the USA.  Returning to Australia she moved to Bendigo to study Physical and Outdoor Education at Latrobe University.

Whilst there the women's football team,'Thunder',  was formed and she captained

and was part of its 2012 and 2013 premiership team.  Emma teaches VCE PE and outdoor education at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.  She also mentors young girls at Violet Street Primary School.  Her story is one of inspiration to all young  women who do not fit the stereotype of what society believes young females should be.  She has broken down -and continues to break down - social norms, and is paving a way for future generations of girls who want to play football – an extremely fast growing sport.  In her own words -' now little girls all over Australia can look up to role models and strive to play the game they love at the highest level possible, just like their male counterparts.   No newborn baby girl will ever know what it feels like to have an AFL door closed to her.'    Well done Emma – we will watch your career with great interest.


Julie Sloan reminded members of the Foundation Dinner at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club on 30th November.  Tickets priced @ $35 must be purchased prior to the event.  Please contact Julie on


She also introduced members to the concept of 'Be a Centurian for $2.00'.


Greg Galloway spoke about car parking.  He still needs a couple of people for the afternoon of the Bendigo Cup - 1st November.  Can you help?


Larrie, Rhonda and Joy fly out to Samoa on Thursday morning to join the Bendigo Rotary Club working party in Savaii.  Whilst volunteering there Larrie will be facilitating workshops on mentoring, leadership and following your passions, with Women in Business Development.   They will all catch up with Norma Tauiliili who spent time with us in Bendigo earlier this year.   Save travelling ladies.


Word of the week was cryptzoology – the study of trying to prove the existence of mythical beings such as bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, etc..  


Calendar of Events:


October 31st – Our Guest Speaker will be Margot Falconer and her topic is Bendigo racing, with a focus on the Bendigo Cup.  


7th November -  Come along to hear Bryan McMahon and his inimitable Melbourne Cup Call.   Which horse will win?


14th November -  We have the return of Ben Murphy, CEO of the Kilmore Racing Club.


28th November -  please note:  NO LUNCHTIME MEETING TODAY -


30th November -  Rotary Cluster Foundation Dinner, Kangaroo Flat Sports Club




Have you drawn a straw for duty?



I look forward to seeing you at our meeting next week and until then, 'may the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back.'




President Valerie.  

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