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Broadly Speaking 12 September 2017

Tuesday's meeting featured our new Exchange Student from Germany,

Laura Zuener.   Laura is only 16 years old and she was very nervous as she

told us about her family, friends and home country.   She had a very well prepared power point with many photos which she shared with the club.  She has become part of our Rotary family and already has been shown many aspects of Aussie life, including shearing a sheep (see the photo attached).   We look forward to the next time she speaks to us about her experiences here in Australia.


As well as sharing a night meeting with us on 10th October, the Rotary Club of Strathdale is holding a Film Night for End Polio Now on 9th November featuring the film 'Murder on the Orient Express' and we have been invited to attend.

I would encourage members to support this very worthy cause whilst enjoying an Agatha Christie mystery.   See further information in the attached flyer.  


There is no doubt that our club likes the buffet luncheons and showed it by

an overwhelming show of hands.   Graeme Clarke will work with Michelle at the Bendigo Club to organise continuing these.


In support of Stroke Awareness Week, several of our members took advantage of the offer from our three nurses, Julie, Megan and Lisa to conduct free blood pressure and at risk assessments.   Thank you ladies.


A reminder to save all your stamps – and ask all your friends to save their stamps too.   All to help in eradicating Trachoma from Australia by 2020.


I know several members will be attending the Rotary Conference to be held in Warrnambool from 16th - 18th March, 2018.  Please will you confirm with me, so that I have an accurate list of numbers of attendees from our Club.   Also, I will be organising a group booking and would appreciate names of those who would like to be included.


We had a welcome influx of members who have returned from interstate and overseas at our previous meeting, and this week we farewell a number who will be heading out to diverse places such as Brisbane, Italy, Japan and Thailand.  We hope they all have a restful holiday and wish them safe travelling. 


Word of the week was supplied by Tabitha – rhinotillexis – meaning to pick one's nose!  Well done Peter Reading for knowing its meaning.   Several other members came close, with 'rhino' giving the clue.


Next week we will have the pleasure of hearing the life story of one of our long-serving members, Brian McMahon – affectionately known as 'Topsy'.  Brian will be introduced by another of our long-serving members, Brian Doherty.   It is always interesting to hear the life stories of our members so come along and support Brian.


Have you been selected for duty that day?


Over the past week or so I have had the great pleasure of seeing my magnolia soulangia trees in full blossom.  They are glorious – but the flowers are fragile and the wind soon blows the petals to the ground, which makes a carpet of colour on the lawn – so pretty.  They also have a lovely perfume..   Spring has indeed sprung!



Until I see you next week – 'may the sun shine warm upon your face and the wind be always at your back.'




President Valerie.


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