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Broadly Speaking - 29 August 2017

There are HUGE rewards awaiting you when you attend next week’s meeting.   No the prize is not chocolate (that’s fattening) .....nor is it wine  (that’s addictive)...BUT it is the pleasure of interacting with other Rotarians in a warm and happy environment to enjoystimulating conversation, along with the opportunity to hear what is happening in our Club and how you can become involved.
NEXT WEEK IS PARTNERS’ DAY and we extend a welcome to husbands, wives and partners to join us as we welcome District Governor Peter Frueh and his lovely wife Anne to our meeting.   This is our opportunity to show District what we are doing to help in the community and overseas, the wonderful projects we are currently supporting and some ideas for new projects which are being investigated.   We look forward to your Company.
Reminder to all Board Members – We will be meeting with District Governor Peter prior to the lunchtime meeting.  Although nothing has yet been confirmed, it is assumed that we will meet at the Bendigo Club at 12 noon.   Please put this in your diaries, and bring a report of the activities of your group to show him.   We have our Board Meeting on Monday evening and the report you prepare for that will do nicely.    If the time changes I will advise you.  
Chairman, Lin Kalms welcomed Radio Broadcasters, Cogho and Ez from Triple M, Bendigo, to our meeting on Tuesday.
They told us how technology has turned their ‘Breakfast Show’ into an all-day session when listeners can ‘hear’ the program 24 hours a day.   They outlined the ways in which they help community groups publicise events.   They work well together as a team and’ bounce’ off each other with an uninterrupted flow of repartee which entertains the listener – as it did our members.
Lisa Pearson introduced a new project to the Club in line with the hope of our current International President, Ian Riseley OAM, to eradicate Trachoma from Australia by the year 2020.   She asked that all Rotarians save the postage stamps they receive.   She will collect and sell them to raise money to support this initiative.  This is a very simple, non onerous way in which you can help the Club.
Please, start collecting now;  support Australia Post, ask all your friends to send you a letter and save the stamp/s for us.
I also announced that our Club will participate in Stroke Awareness Week on September 12th at the Bendigo Club.   Our three trained nurses, Julie, Lisa and Megan, will offer free sessions to all our members and their families.   This will be done in the strictest confidence and privacy.   Read more about it in this issue of the Fossicker and if you wish to avail yourself of this service, please let Julie know.    I urge all our members to take advantage of this offer – a stroke can strike anyone at any time.   Are you at risk?
Have you accessed the Survey produced by Libby, Peter and the membership Committee?   It will only take a few minutes to answer the questions and the results will be very useful for our club planning.   
Thank you to Lisa Pearson who represented our Club at the information session to inform Rotary Clubs about the Child Welfare and Safety Act. Lisa joined a group which watched the session by ZOOM at the home of Bernard Young (President, Rotary Club of Bendigo South).  We look forward to hearing the outcome of that session.
Word of the week was phlebotomist – a person who is trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations or research.....and this week we had a couple of winners.    I am delighted that people are beginning to send me words and I will be using them in the weeks to come.  
Are you on duty next week?    
Spring is coming!   By the time you read this, it will be here – the wattle is in bloom throughout our lovely bush, and all the spring flowers are beginning to burst – the tips of my magnolia flowers are showing......... Spring is the season of renewal and hope.....
so ‘may the sun shine bright upon your face and the wind be always at your back’.
President Valerie. 

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