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Happy as Larrie 25 July 2017

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I am delighted to advise that President Valerie has left hospital and is currently recuperating.  With her shoulder and back, it may be a little time before she is jumping out of birthday cakes; however, she is feeling on the road to recovery and we hope to see her very soon.

Prior to our luncheon meeting last Tuesday, your Board members met with AG Jill Barker to discuss the year’s plans.   As always, we got a high mark for our projects and organisation – probably about an A+, although she didn’t actually say that.

Our speaker was our very own Noel Hobley who displayed a wealth of knowledge and flexibility in his broad career.  I love hearing from our own members – they always have a rich life story to share with us and Noel certainly did that. Thanks Noel.

It was great to welcome back John Flood from holidays.  As Roster Chair, he ensures that all spaces are filled.   Have a look to see if you’re on duty this coming Tuesday.    Big thanks to Bryan McMahon who filled in whilst John was away.  It has certainly been challenging over a couple of winter months when many Rotarians migrate to warmer places.   Bryan had the situation this week where four members of the Sergeant’s Committee were away and another three already had other roles for this last meeting. Thanks Ian Monotti for a great job again.     Please, if you asked to step up to fill a gap in a meeting, there’s a very valid reason for being asked.     Next week, newish member Chris Fordham, who is a passionate Essendon supporter,  has his inaugural stint as Sergeant.  Please come along and support him.    The Sergeant is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the meeting including that it runs on time…..and we do our very best.

Ray Paulsen is doing well in his new setting at Golden Oakes at his half-way house between hospital and going home.   He would love to see you and we wish Ray well as he gains mobility and strength enough to go home.

Our Club Directories arrived on Tuesday so now we’re really, really ready for the year with everyone understanding their roles on various committees.      Thanks Noel.  Another of your many talents pulling the Directory together.   I did suggest to members last week that perhaps carry your Directory around for a couple of meetings and if any amendments are brought to our attention, we can pass them on to you for you to update.      Noel Hobley has a record of a few changes to date and we look forward to a complete update for members within a couple of weeks.    

Barry Ackerman won the major prize for the Word of the Day -  Vestibular – the spirit level in our ear – balance.   Well done Barry.   The security car carrying your prize will arrive in due course.      

President Valerie’s quote for the week was by “Author Unknown”, a very close relative of “Anonymous” who said :   “Be a voice and not an echo”

Stay safe Rotarians;  take care of those close to you.

PP Larrie Winzar -  Vice President 2017/18

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