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Happy as Larrie 18 July 2017

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This evening, I visited President Val in Bendigo Hospital and delighted to report that she is in great spirits and looking forward to leaving hospital in the next day or so.   I also took her a large box of beautiful chocolates on behalf of you all.    Soon after I sent the email to members today, advising of the car accident last night on her way to a Rotary committee meeting,  I received another phone call from Val’s brother, advising me that it had been decided to keep Val in hospital tonight for observation.   Whether tomorrow or the next day, when Val leaves hospital she will be staying with her brother and sister-in-law in Kangaroo Flat for a few days.   It is certainly her intention to be leading next Tuesday’s meeting.     Val’s best contact is via her mobile.   We all wish Val a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her on Tuesday.

Last Tuesday, Kaine Perry, Economist, Financial Markets with the National Australia Bank gave us an informative update on financial trends.    It was most interesting to hear the changes since Kaine addressed our club last year.  Kaine’s personal style is refreshing and clear and his presentation was enjoyed by all members.

Next Tuesday, we’re looking forward to hearing Noel Hobley give his Life Talk.  Our own members always inspire, and sometimes surprise, us as they share their interesting lives with us.     Ian (Bear) Coates will again be the Chairman.

President Val advised us last meeting that buffet lunches during the Winter months will be on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.   Normal table service on the other dates.

Board Members are reminded that next Tuesday, there is a meeting at 12.15 pm with Assistant Governor Jill Barker, prior to our club lunch meeting.   Please make every effort to be in attendance.

You will now have received an email version of our Club Directory and we are anticipating the book version will be available at our meeting next Tuesday.    Unfortunately, here have been a number of reasons for the delay this year and your patience has been appreciated.  We also really appreciate the work that Noel Hobley has put in to bring the Directory to fruition.    It would be very unlikely for there to be no corrections and may I suggest that once you receive your Directory, you bring it to with you to meetings over the next few weeks and, as we are notified of any updates, you can update your personal copy accordingly. 

Thanks to Bryan McMahon for filling in for John Flood in preparing the Roster.   Please take the time to read the roster and we look forward to you participating if you have been allocated a task.    If you are unable to attend, just a reminder that it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  

There is always a buzz in the room prior to our meetings.  It’s a sign of a great Rotary club when members arrive early and stay after the meeting to enjoy each other’s company.   Many of the women members have been staying to have a coffee together after meetings and it’s great that a few of the men also get together for an occasional lunch outside of normal meetings.    As Chair of the We Care Committee, please let me know if you’d like to meet socially with other members outside of lunch and committee meetings and I’d be delighted to facilitate that happening.    Whether in small groups or simply a coffee with one other member, when we arrange to get together informally, our membership of this great club is enhanced.


Yours in Rotary


PP Larrie Winzar

Vice President 2017/18

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