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Broadly Speaking - 27 June 2017

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Thank you Past President Larrie for ‘keeping the home fires burning’ so well in my absence last week – and thank you to everyone who stepped in to fill positions.   Life became very hectic for me because the Changeover came only days before my choir flew out to New York.


I feel as though I am still flying – it is a long, long flight home from Los Angeles to Melbourne, and we touched down at 6.00 am  on Thursday - so please forgive me if my act is not entirely together on Tuesday – and if this Meeting Preview is less than it should be.  


The Club Directory is not yet finalised – but it will be very soon – so I am calling for volunteers on Tuesday for two or three members  to put out Regalia.  The other lucky people that have been selected to help out are listed below.  I know everyone will step up to the mark and thank you. 


We have Robert Musgrove as our Guest Speaker, and his topic is ‘Bendigo Bank Community Banking’.  Robert will be introduced by Chairman Ian Coates – and our Sergeant will be Wayne Smith.


I look forward to welcoming you all on my first day as President.  



President Valerie. 

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