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Happy as Larrie 24 May 2016

On Tuesday, we heard an insightful address from Author Graham Wilcox.  His topic about the story of Federation was very thought-provoking and certainly held the attention of club members and guests. Graham has published a book – “The Struggle for Unity” – a Story of the Federation of Australia.

As President, I was delighted to invite members to present further cheques this week as a result of our fundraising.   Libby Hughes presented a cheque to the Principal of Violet Street Primary School to be utilised by the school to give the young student’s access to the Discovery Science and Technology Centre.  

Kaye Graves also presented a cheque to her co-worker, Sue, from Bendigo Community Health Services.  Following her address to our club earlier in the year, Sue will be returning to Thailand later this year doing voluntary work and, to assist with essential work, Sue will be purchasing a chainsaw over there to assist with clearing vegetation.     

We also presented Val Broad with a cheque for the Royal Children’s Hospital to support the Bendigo Youth Choir’s fundraising efforts.

As I mentioned at the meeting, I was very appreciative of our wonderful members who quickly stood in for rostered members who didn’t attend.   We are very fortunate in our club to have members with such generosity of spirit.   You are fantastic!

THERE IS NO MEETING NEXT TUESDAY.     However, that doesn’t mean there is no meeting to attend because we are having a Scatter Meeting, a project initiated by District 9800 to encourage members to visit other clubs.  

Inside the front cover of our club directory is a list of when and where the other clubs in our area meet.  I contacted all Presidents about our scatter meeting and received the following information:  

Next Gen now meet at the Shamrock Hotel.  There is no obligation to have a meal and I know President Megan would love to see some of our members there.

For those who intend visiting Bendigo Strathdale, please let Pam Luxford know you are attending by Monday night – 5448 4713.  Meal cost is $27 at the Nancy Long Dining Hall, LaTrobe University.  Their website gives details to the venue.

The meal at Kangaroo Flat is $20 for a two course meal.

Bendigo South would appreciate you calling Ros no later than 10 am Thursday morning next week if you are attending  – 0407 802 801

Bendigo Sandhurst’s breakfast meal is $22.

I hope you take up the opportunity to visit other clubs.  Perhaps attend in small groups and bring back ideas and comments to share.

Because there is no meeting next Tuesday, I won’t be writing a Meeting Preview ; nor a Fossicker next week unless you all rush me with information from your visits.   You will, however, receive a Meeting Preview for the meeting on 7th June.

It was a fabulous update from Rosalie Rogers and her committee on the success of the film night and we look forward to hearing further information and presenting a cheque to Annie North in the very near future.

All is in readiness for our inaugural Rotary/Zonta  artisan event on Friday evening followed by the “open to the public” event on Saturday from 10 – 4.   Thank you to members and partners who are attending on Friday evening and I hope you will all encourage others to attend on Saturday…and come along yourself.   Rug up in your warm winter woolies…it looks like being a cold weekend.  I know it will be a fabulous event.  The collaborative committee of Zontians and Rotarians has been highly effective and lots of fun.    Who knows; this may become an annual event.

So…enjoy the event this weekend and enjoy “scattering” next week.

You will receive a Meeting Preview with Roster on Sunday or Monday – 5th/6th June.

Yours in Rotary

PRESIDENT Larrie Winzar


Tabitha is overseas at the moment on a well deserved break. I have attempted to copy the fine work Tabitha does in putting together the Fossicker for you to read. Unfortunately I still have not gained her skills in achieving the desired outcome. The photos taken of our guests receiving cheques or presenting to us on the constitution will not be included because even though the photos are the right way up on my computer, once loaded on to the fossicker newsletter software builder the images are upside down or sideways. So I did not wish to be discourteous to the people with in the photos and have left them out!! My patience ran out after a couple of hours of trying a multitude of things. My apologies - Rosalie


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